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The Best Dogs For Families

You may be considering adding a canine companion to your family ranks, but have you decided what breed will fit best with your family? Today, the vets at our Orange animal hospital tell us about some breeds of dogs that may be best for families.

What breed of dog is best for your family?

When you're trying to decide on the right breed of dog for your family, it's important to look beyond the cuteness factor and consider more important factors such as the overall temperament of the breed and how much space and exercise the breed requires to be content.

When choosing the right dog for you it is important to take into consideration the space you live in, as well as how active your family generally is, and how much time each family member is willing to commit to training your new canine companion.

To give you a few ideas and to get you started on thinking about what dog might be right for your family, here are a few of our Orange animal hospital vets favorite breeds:

English Bulldogs

English bulldogs weigh in at about 50-55 lbs, and tend to be less energetic than many other dog breeds, making it suitable for apartments and smaller homes. These people-loving pups seek out social interactions with their family and are happy to just cuddle-up on the couch to watch a movie and relax. English bulldogs are a sweet, gentle and dependable breed that can make excellent family pets.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

At about 10-18 lbs, the compact size of this lively but gentle breed makes it the dog for smaller homes or apartments. Cavaliers tend to get along well with kids and other dogs. They can be both playful and cuddly making this sweet natured pooch and a great pet for kids of many ages and energy levels.

Boston Terriers

Weighing in at about 25 pounds or less, these people-loving bundles of fun come with their own easy to care for "tuxedo" coats. Happy to play with the kids and go for short walks, this charming dog breed adapts well to apartment living and makes a great companion for children of all ages.

Irish Setters

A slightly larger breed to consider is the strikingly beautiful Irish setter. This breed typically weighs in at around 65 lbs and can make a great family pet. These dogs are lively, intelligent and have a great sense of mischief. Irish Setters love to chase balls, go for long runs, but also enjoy playing in the back yard with children. If you have high-energy kids, they will love spending time with an Irish Setter!


The Beagle is one of the best medium sized dogs for family life. This mid-sized pooch typically weighs in at between 18-30 lbs and adores spending time with its people, playing games, and going for walks. Beagles are smart and loving dogs that can make terrific family pets provided that they get plenty of family interaction and exercise. Beagles are not appropriate for families who are out of the house a lot. 


Your family will love these adorable little characters! Pugs are pretty happy to just eat and sleep. If your children are small, or lower energy and would appreciate a dog that will play with them indoors then curl up beside them to watch tv, a pug may be just the right breed for your family. Weighing around 15 lbs, this is a breed that doesn't need much space, and only requires a couple of short walks each day to be content.


A great place to look for your new companion is at the local shelter. Mutts are a type of mixed breed dog that can be very loyal and loving for your family. These dogs can be as good with children as purebred dogs. Mutts also tend to be less susceptible to genetic diseases, and less expensive. If you are considering a mutt for your family be sure to take your time to visit local animal shelters and be patient in your search for the right dog to fit in with your family life. One of the perks to choosing a dog at the shelter is that the employees get first hand experience with the dogs and can share everything you need to know about the dog with you.

Are you still unsure of what breed of dog would be the best fit for your family. You can give our Orange animal hospital vets a call to get more information.

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