Digital Imaging

In an effort to provide pet owners with a wide range of medical and surgical expertise at affordable prices, we have collaborated with selected board certified specialists in a variety of medical fields such as radiology, cardiology and orthopedics. These in-house specialty services are available on most weekdays and include written reports, take-home instructions and therapeutic recommendations.

What is a board certified veterinary specialist?

A board certified veterinary specialist is a veterinarian that has successfully completed the highest level of training in their particular field (i.e. surgery, radiology, cardiology, oncology, etc). This involves completion of 4 years of undergraduate studies, plus 4 years of veterinary school studies, then 1 year of a general rotating internship in the doctor’s chosen field, and finally, a 3-year specialty residency after which the doctor must pass a rigorous certification test.

Dr. Ann Reed, DVM a Board Certified Diplomat of the American College of Veterinary Radiology (ACVR)
Dr. Reed is a 1991 graduate of Kansas State University. Afterward she continued her veterinary radiology residency at the University of Missouri – Columbia. Dr. Reed and I have been collaborating for over a decade and she has a vast experience interpreting bulldogs x-rays. Together we have reviewed thousands of Bulldogs radiographs, as well as radiographs of cats and other canine breeds. Dr. Reed provides us with an in-house radiology and ultrasound consulting service.

Services with Findings and Recommendations

X-ray Consult: Radiographs reading and a comprehensive written report

Ultrasonography Service: Ultrasound and imaging with a comprehensive written report

  • Abdominal Cavity Ultrasound
  • Echocardiogram and Sonogram
  • Pregnancy Confirmation: For early pregnancy detection.
  • Ultrasound guided diagnostic needle aspirates for cytology
  • Ultrasound guided diagnostic biopsies for histopathology